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Marketing Trends 2011

The Practical Marketing team recently attended the ‘Yellowwood Future Architects’ ‘A Hundred Years in a Decade’ Trend Report presentation by CEO Kay Nash. We have outlined the trends which they feel marketing professionals need to be aware of for 2011 in order to have a more experiential approach to innovation and change.

There is no longer a difference between online and offline culture. Consumer expectations and behaviours, campaigns and brands, businesses and people are all blurring and indistinguishable.

Mobile Mobility, Right Time & Right Place
The real internet revolution will be on the streets, not at people’s desks.

Information Everywhere
How to get and give real value from the age of information.

Everything is Social
From web browsing, to reviewing products and sourcing advice to brand decision-making, the true sociability of our species is asserting itself.

Engagement & Participation
Only brands that can meaningfully engage their audiences will build loyalty. Engagement requires participation and involvement, and an accurate understanding of consumers’ passions.

Wield your Crowd
People are organising themselves into intelligent crowds, exerting group pressure on brands and institutions as well as unleashing their creativity in collective production.

Have a look at these innovative “collectives” websites that display the relevance of this trend:
•    Groupon www.mycitydeal.co.za
•    Brand Tags www.brandtags.net

•    Evly www.evly.com
•    Mobilitate www.mobilitate.co.za

•    Kickstarter www.kickstarter.com

Absolute transparency
Transparency is real. It is at the C suite. What are the implications for brands?

The Aristocracy of Growth
Brands need to understand the psyche of these emerging markets, and look to them for innovation.

Value is still the new black
We still live in a world of considered consumption. Consumers demand to see the value of a brand before they pay for it.

Shared Value
The chasm between philanthropy and capitalism is narrowing as businesses realise the need for shared value: creating social value that creates economic value.

Sustainable Survives
Consumers are increasingly aware of the interconnectedness of the individual and the planet and society. Brands need to offer generosity and increase the wellbeing of the whole. Only sustainable brands will survive.




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