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A picture says a thousand words

When Gordon Chilvers was first introduced to me as a “Communications Strategist”, I asked him to explain what this means. I had heard about his creativity, but the way he answered my question surprised me nonetheless. He produced a blank sheet of paper, took out a pen and created four cartoons, explaining each one as he drew it. At the end of our meeting, he handed the paper to me and said, “Please have this – it’s my business card”. 

Gordon spent his first twenty working years in the mining, forestry, hospitality and gaming industries. During this time, he saw firsthand how important strategic communication, teamwork and leadership are in any business. He also discovered the power of pictures in simplifying a concept, explaining an idea or motivating people. He began to put his hobby, cartooning to practical use.
As a facilitator, Gordon sits with teams that need to unite in pursuit of a goal. This might be to establish a marketing strategy, improve an existing operational plan, resolve conflict or unleash creativity and innovation. The experts are around the table. Gordon helps them to hear each other, understand different viewpoints and find common ground. He is able to reduce hours of discussion to a concise document or graphic representation of what is decided. 

As a people developer, Gordon trains people to communicate effectively and to develop leadership skills.
With obvious passion, Gordon asserts that nothing motivates him like motivating others. It is therefore not surprising that he finds time to work with groups and individuals, assisting them to improve their work performance as well as their life skills. He delivers motivational talks and workshops as well as coaching one-on-one. 

As a creative, visual person, Gordon is able to:
• Take what appears complex and create a simple, understandable message.
• Visualise information and messages and transform these into graphic or cartoon images.
• Help others to discover and unleash their own creativity.
• Produce action Cartoon Message videos – a unique new dimension to creative communication. For examples, go to You Tube and search for “Orbitalk”. 

Gordon lives in Johannesburg with his wife and three children. He can be contacted on 083 629 1771 or via email at gordon@orbitalk.co.za


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